July 16, 2017

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit

best machineWhat Makes a Good Airbrush Kit?

Airbrush makeup has been around for quite some time, and it has become more popular because of the smooth and stunning results that it offers.

For instance, airbrush foundation provides superior coverage although it is rather thin in texture. It is also easy to apply the makeup as evenly and thinly as you want it.

Moreover, airbrush comes with a spray-dot pattern, so there are no traces of brush marks left on your face. You will love the beautiful and sheer finish of the makeup, which helps accentuate your amazing features.

Reviews of the Top 6 Systems

Not sure about the best brand to buy? Check out this review of the top 6 best brands that are worth a try.

1. Make Me A Diva Airbrush Makeup Kitmake me a diva kit


This is the most complete airbrush makeup kit, featuring a 25 PSI compressor and a dual action gun. Most importantly, if you’re a makeup artist (MUA), it comes with all the airbrush foundation colors by Lori G Ashley: light, medium and dark – unlike the other models where you have to choose ONE color.  You also get a whole set of blushes, thinner, and 2 FREE Finishing Powder!

2. Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kitart of air kitOur second pick, the Art of Air brand is one of the cheapest brands that’s currently sold on Amazon. For only $99, you also get the complete set to get you started immediately as soon as you open the box. It features a complete set of Blush, Bronzer, Shimmer, Anti Aging Primer and the Airbrush Foundation color of your choice.

3. Photo Finish Airbrush Makeup KitPhoto Finish Airbrush Makeup KitThough not as widely known, this brand has had nothing but good reviews. It’s available in two options – the Matte or Luminous Finish. Note that its foundations are mineral based (oil free), NOT water based and so a word of caution to those of you who have sensitive skin. If you’re looking to buy a cheap airbrush makeup kit and one that’s powerful enough, we’d recommend Photo Finish!


4. Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Kit with Aloe-Based Foundationstickled pink airbrush makeup kit


Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, this kit is perfect for you. It comes with a compressor with a dainty and eye-catchy design, which operates silently. This unit is also easy to use, and it is light and portable for those who wish to bring the kit wherever they go.

As for the makeup, it is made of 89 percent aloe that is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. With antioxidant-rich ingredients, there are no risks such as redness, rashes or irritation each time you apply the makeup.

Other items included in the package are the 3 shades of aloe-based liquid foundations, AC adapter, airbrush, compact compressor, flexible hose and airbrush holder.

5. Airbrush Makeup Kit by Dinairdinair airbrush makeup kit

If you have medium complexion or olive skin, then this product is a great option for you. It is manufactured by Dinair, a renowned established brand that has been in the industry for more than 30 years.

This kit comes with a handy compressor, 8 shades of makeup color, corrective concealer, and a moisturizer.

Designed with beginners in mind, the kit is equipped with an instructional manual, color charts, practice sheets and even a complimentary lesson to help you perfect the art of this popular cosmetic. Lastly, the makeup is free from silicone, parabens, and other skin irritants.

6. Professional Airbrush Makeup System by Bellocciobelloccio airbrush makeup kit

The Belloccio kit works as expected, and it comes with a case to keep every component all in one place. Perfect for medium complexion, this works great for people who have olive skin.

The kit also includes a makeup foundation set with 4 colors, anti-aging moisturizer, highlighter bottles, carrying bag, and a manual. For its price, it’s a good product worth every dollar you pay.

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The Verdict: What is the Best Airbrush Makeup Kit for You?

When shopping for a good quality, it’s always a great idea to consider the manufacturer instead of zeroing in on the price tag alone.

Choose brands that specialize in this type of makeup since they offer kits that include every single thing you need to get started such as the airbrush and compressor, as well as a full range of foundations and makeups designed for the airbrush.

It would also be great if the ingredients used in the makeup are completely safe for all skin types. This way, you can prevent irritation and rashes on your skin as you use the product.

Among the products reviewed, the Make Me A Diva Airbrush Kit and Its Complete Set of Water Based Foundations is your best bet. The compressor looks great and works flawlessly and the makeup foundations are also water based so they soothe your skin and every component is made of the finest quality.

If you’re a total beginner, the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit is the best choice for you because it comes with everything you need to start applying the makeup including user guide (This is the most important part for a beginner). With this product, applying airbrush makeup is a breeze – as I said before, even if you’re a total beginner!

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