Top 10 Natural Eye Makeup Styles in 2016

Top Ten Natural Eye MakeupStyles inĀ 2015
Wearing makeup can deeply enhance your facial features. If you have small eyes, you can make them appear bigger. If you have a dull eye color, you can make it pop and sparkle. That is the power of makeup. And when it is done right, you can make your eyes your biggest asset. When doing your eye makeup, you do not have to go way over the top. Keep in mind that less is actually more. There are various techniques you can use to enhance your look with your favorite makeup without looking exaggerated. You want to keep things classic but also pay a nod to the trends to add some fun to your routine and keep your look current. In this post we won’t be using an airbrush makeup but instead regular makeup brushes.

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Check Out The Top 10 Natural Eye Makeup Styles for to Learn What’s HOT This Year.

  1. Monochromatic Warm Shades

monochromatic warm shadesThis year, one of the most popular eye makeup styles is the bronzed goddess look. This look is achieved by using warm, golden shades on your eyes. Now that summer is just around the corner, this is definitely an eye makeup look that will go perfectly well for any occasion. It works especially well for those who have medium to dark skin tones or green eyes.


  1. Full Eyeliner

full eyelinerUsing eyeliner to emphasize your eyes has been a popular makeup choice for decades and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, what change over time are the different looks and styles you can achieve with it. Contrary to what some people think, you can still achieve a natural eye-makeup look even if you are wearing eyeliner. The key here is to use any light eye shadow color of your choice and slightly blend it out, and then put on a thick cat-eye winged liner. This gives you strong eye makeup that still looks natural and stylish but not too over the top, so it is perfect even for daytime wear.

  1. Silver Eye Shadow

silver eye shadowDo you want to achieve a shiny and shimmery look around your eyes but just aren’t much of a gold lover? Going for silver shadow is a widely popular choice even among professional makeup artists and runway models. By using platinum eye shadow or silver eye shadow colors with lighter matte greys as a base, you get to have a more futuristic look but still appear natural. Doing this look is quite easy. Choose silver cream shadow to achieve a chrome-like finish. Blend it in the inner corners of your eyes as well to open up your face.

  1. Soft Smoky Eyes

soft smoky eyesSmoky eyes can appear quite heavy, especially if you put dark colors on both your upper and lower eyelids along with full eyeliner. But with soft smoky eyes, you can still emphasize your eyes and achieve that natural look. Go for a neutral shade and blend it all over the crease. Next, use a dark eye shadow color applied around your top lid with a slanted brush. Really blend it out and to the side to achieve a fuller look. This isn’t too sultry for daytime wear.

  1. Nude Makeup

nude makeupOne of the most popular trends these days is to go for nude makeup. With this look, you look more natural and still highlight your facial features, but you don’t focus on one primary feature to highlight. There are various nude eye makeup palettes that will perfectly fit your style and preference. From beige to dark brown shades, you can play with these colors to achieve a nude eye makeup look that is really on-trend.

  1. Dusty Brown Eye Shadow

dusty brown eye shadowGoing for bright colors may appear too striking, so if you want to look natural, this eye look can help you find the perfect balance between subdued and flashy. To look more natural, try a matte brown eye shadow so things don’t get too shiny too fast. Then, apply a sparkly gold glitter shadow as eyeliner along your bottom waterline. With this color of eye shadow, you can emphasize blue or green eyes really well. This is an ideal way to add a dash of personality to your look if you’re not a big fan of color.

  1. Earth Color Eye Shadow

earth color eye shadowIf you want to have a different set of colors, choose earth colors instead of just going for nude eye makeup. From light green to blue to rusts and browns, you can mix and match all of these hues from nature to create a unique look.



  1. Cut Crease Brights

cut crease brightsIf you’ve been learning about makeup for a while, you’re probably familiar with doing a cut crease, where you draw the eye shadow from the corners of your eyes up into the top of your lid right under your brow bone. For a lighter, more summery take on this look, and to keep things from being too heavy, get some brightly colored gel shadow (in neon green or fluorescent orange, perhaps) and only apply it to your crease. Swipe on some mascara, and you’re done. It’ll show off a pop of color every time you blink.

  1. Super Winged Eye Liner

super winged eye linerThe cat-eye style has been back and on-trend for a while now, but for , you need to take it to the next level. Instead of doing your top lid in a thick upward swoop, instead draw your liner straight out from your top lid. Line your bottom lid and extend the eyeliner out so it meets in a point with your top-lid line. Then, fill in the triangle in the corner of your eye. This makes your eyes look bigger.



  1. Perfect Plum

perfect plumOne of the hottest runway trends following all the spring fashion shows in New York is the use of plum eyeliner. Plum? Yes, you can definitely make it work well, and it looks especially great with brown eyes. Keep your plum or burgundy shadow on your top lid only, and blend a little silver glitter into your crease to keep it on the lighter side.


Doing Your Own Eye Makeup

There are different eye makeup combinations for any occasion or season. If you have your own eye makeup set and tools, you can definitely achieve the perfect natural makeup look that you’ve seen on celebrities and the runway so far this year. Keep in mind that going for a natural look is still the best option, especially for daytime wear.

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Using the Internet, you can create a wide variety of color combinations that will suit your style. There are lots of online tutorial sites showing you the techniques as to how you can achieve a particular look. You can also work to improve your application techniques while you try out a few of these style ideas listed above.


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