Tips To Use Airbrush Makeup

tips to use airbrush makeup10 Beginner Tips To Use Airbrush Makeup.

There are many different types of airbrush makeup with different bases-from water based to alcohol based foundations that suit your skin tone and color. Similar to spray paint, this pressurized air system can be applied to smooth out any rough surface and create a seamless tone.  If you’re a beginner, knowing a few things before you start can come in handy during the process. These are a few tips that can come in handy for you.


Tips To Use Airbrush Makeup Video


Before actually applying any makeup, play around with it and see if you can work with it. It is a pressurized system so avoid spraying yourself in the eyes on your first try. So fill the canister with something that won’t damage anything and get used to the angles and when you’re willing to step it up a notch, put in the cartridge. Keeping your wrist steady and focused on the task is vital unless you want to get revenge on your client. By keeping a steady hand and strengthened wrist you can achieve better results.

Clean your face

Before applying the foundation to your face, wash your face and pin back your hair. Pin your hair back or wear a hair-net and get it out-of-the-way. You can also add some moisturizer if you want to enhance the effect, but that’s optional.

Applying the foundation

When you have moved into applying the foundation, shake the foundation bottle a lot before you put the droplets into the sprayer. You want to put fewer droplets into the canister than you would normally for highlights and things that add more dimension. Test it by spraying a small amount on your hand.

Moderating Foundations

You can mix foundations of chemicals to match a skin tone more accurately and even add different droplets to each individual spray if you wanted to highlight a specific area on your face or just create a more in-depth look.

Techniques for application

Circular motions for the airbrush application seem to get the greatest area on the face. Don’t leave it too long at one spot, or you’re going to have a huge circle and compounded makeup look.

Keep your eyes closed

When applying the foundation and the rest of the makeup through the airbrush remember to keep your eyes closed. This comes in handy when you start to get curious about how it looks. Avoid the curiosity until the spray gun is off, that way you won’t give yourself an eye infection.

Space from the face


Create a 2” space from the tip of the airbrush to the face. This is a general rule unless you’re making patterns that require great details, which then you may want to bring it closer to the face. Keeping your space from the face depends on how much makeup is coming out of the gun too.



Applying it to customer

When applying this for a customer, remember that they still have to breathe so give them time and space to breathe in between your intervals.  Each mask is recommended to be applied with a pressure of 15 PSI and the eyebrows and lighter tones applied at 10-12 PSI.

Finding the right mix

choosing the right mixCreating the mix between foundations is tricky and choosing the proper mix makes all the difference. There are a few different shades to mix around with, from the warm, cool and the neutral. Finding your tone in these colors will depend on your own skin tone. In order to create a lighter or darker shade, mix these foundations together until you get the results you want.

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Airbrush Facts

Most airbrush bases are made to be oil free, water based and have very few chemicals. This means there is very little residue that is left over and a small amount of chemicals that are added to your face.  Each foundation can be intermixed with varying tones and shades to suit any type of skin. These design tips are to get you on your way and applying your makeup the way you want. With these tips you will soon be on your way to becoming an advanced user.