Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Review

tickled pink airbrush makeup reviewKnow These Facts Before You Buy The Tickled Pink Airbrush.

You have probably heard of Temptu, Dinair and Bellocio as among the few popular brands of airbrush makeup. But what about Tickled Pink? Did this brand ever occur to you during one of your searches for reliable airbrush makeup brand to buy?

Moreover, is Tickled Pink even worth buying, and can it meet your expectations when it comes to superior quality?

To help you decide if this brand is just the right one to buy, check out this Tickled Pink airbrush makeup review. Then, you will know if Tickled Pink is a practical choice or just one of those cheap brands that hardly deserves a second look.airbrush makeup buy now button

About the Brand

Kathy Tope, a licensed professional esthetician, founded this Oregon-based brand of airbrush makeup. Tickled Pink aims to compete with the big names when it comes to airbrush makeup such as Belloccio, Temptu and Dinair.

Aside from providing customers with quality products at reasonable prices, Tickled Pink also boasts of its exceptional customer service. Thus, you can easily contact the company via phone or email whenever you have concerns or inquiries about their products.

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What’s In Every Package

Generally, the airbrush makeup system by Tickled Pink features a small and easy-to-use airbrush gun that is suitable for personal or professional use. Keep in mind, though, that the machine is a single-action model, which is great for newbies in airbrushing.

On the other hand, experienced makeup artists may find it frustrating to use this type of airbrush gun because of limited options in store for them. The kit also comes with a mini compressor with 0-15 PSI range. Tickled Pink’s compressor gives you three different options for the output levels such as medium, high or low.

User- Friendly and Quick Ways to Get Started

To start airbrushing, you only need to plug in the compressor’s power adapter to your electrical outlet. Then, connect the airbrush holder to the compressor’s left side. You will also have to attach the hose both to the compressor and airbrush gun.

Once every component has been connected, you need to turn the compressor on by and press the “mode” button to select your preferred air pressure level. One important thing, though – you should never switch between different modes abruptly since doing so can cause damages to the compressor’s motor.

Available Kits

Tickled Pink offers the Cosmetic and Cosmetic Deluxe Kits, and both have essential components you can expect from an airbrush makeup system such as the compressor, airbrush gun, airbrush holder, hose, power adapter, moisturizer sample, tanning solution, and 3 different shades of foundation. The Deluxe Kit, however, comes with an airbrush tanning gun, which you cannot find in the basic package.

There are 2 types of Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Kit

  • 1. Tickled Pink Airbrush Cosmetic Kit
  • 2. Tickled Pink Airbrush Cosmetic and Tanning Deluxe Kit (Deluxe Fair)

Instructional Manual

At present, Tickled Pink airbrush makeup does not come with an instructional DVD, although it does have a simple leaflet with a series of instructions on how to use the different components of the airbrush makeup system.

It would have been better if there is an instructional video included since newbies will find it quite helpful when applying the makeup without any hassles.

Getting Into Details: Key Features of The Kit

Let us look deeper into what you can expect from every item in the Tickled Pink airbrush makeup kit.

1. Compressor

This brand’s compressor is quite small, and it has enough features to match up to other mini compressors in the market such as the ones manufactured by Dinair and Belloccio. Basic technical specifications are present including the power switch and airflow control button with a 0-15 PSI range. There are also three modes to choose from – the low, medium and high level of output.

tickled pink compressor and airbrush gunAs for the exterior appearance of the compressor, you may say that it looks quite feminine because of its adorable hot pink stripe. The design goes well with the brand’s name, Tickled Pink.

Although the compressor is not exactly what you can consider as quiet in terms of how it operates (although all compressors are never “very quiet”, anyway), the noise is not that intense.

In fact, there are other brands that produce greater noise, which can get quite distracting for some people.

2. Airbrush Gun

To be honest, the brand’s airbrush gun is not exactly the best in the market, since the big names in airbrushing industry offer far more options for users.

For instance, Tickled Pink’s airbrush only comes with the single-action function, so that restricts you from controlling the flow of air to the makeup.

A brilliant way to compensate for this limitation is by choosing from the three output modes for better control.

In case there are issues with the airbrush gun, Tickled Pink can repair any damages without any cost. The only thing you need to worry about is the shipping cost, and that should be a great help for product users who are having some problems with their airbrush makeup kit.

3. Makeup

tickled pink makeup foundationsThe brand offers a wide selection of makeup colors for their makeup whether it is the eye shadow, foundation, or blushes. Tickled Pink’s makeup line is also leaning towards natural looks, and you can choose from various colors that are customizable, long lasting and easy to blend.

To make it even better, the brand’s makeup is paraben-free (What is Paraben?), and there are no irritating oils, silicone, or other harmful substances. In addition, the different airbrush makeup by this brand is enriched with antioxidants while the foundation has an SPF rating that ranges from 6 to 8.

Pros and Cons of the Product

Tickled Pink features a nifty airbrush gun and a mini compressor that work quite well, and these two components are generally easy to use. As for the makeup, it offers good coverage without any smudges or smears. Hence, you can achieve that flawless and professional quality makeup by using this airbrush makeup system by Tickled Pink.

However, it would be better if the brand also offers a dual-action airbrush gun that regulates air pressure and release of makeup. This provides experienced users for greater flexibility in airbrushing. Furthermore, an instructional DVD would be very helpful for those who have no previous experience in applying airbrush makeup.

The Verdict

For a very affordable price, the Tickled Pink airbrush makeup system is a decent choice for those who look for low-cost, yet quality products that suit their budget. While newbies may have to go through several practice sessions before getting it right, the amazing results make every effort you exert quite worth it.

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