The Dinair Airbrush

DinairAirbrush1The Dinair Airbrush – why it’s one of the top-selling.

The Dinair Airbrush system is known as one of the first airbrush systems that existed and has been around since 1980. Inside every single airbrush kit, there are tools and materials that offer value. The Dinair system really sets themselves apart with some of the additions they pack into every box. They have more accessories than any of the other brands on the market and they certainly over-deliver on their request.airbrush makeup buy now button

When you open a box of Dinair Airbrush system, this is what you will find.complete airbrush machine and systemcomplete airbrush machine and system

  • Extra-long hose for added mobility and flexibility with you and your customer
  • A compressor to power the gun with a dial to adjust the levels of pressure
  • The Airbrush
  • Adjustable trigger
  • A trigger pad
  • Remove-able Training bands
  • Training materials
  • Practice color, Concealer, Moisture spray
  • 4 foundations, 2 brow colors, blush, highlight
  • Practice sheets
  • Cleaner
  • 200 makeup shades to choose from

complete airbrush machine and systemThe Hose
Extra-long hose that enables you to move around and get into some funky positions as you find the right angle for applying your own makeup or someone else’s makeup. This flexibility isn’t unique to the Dinair system, but they have made the hose a bit longer than everyone else’s.

The Dinair compressor

It is a mini compressor that comes with a mini dial. You can adjust the air compressor flow for the makeup to come out of the nosil at increasing intervals. In order for any makeup to be released you must have it at around 12, this ensures the pressure is high enough to get some results. In order to clean the nosil you will have to increase the intervals even further for the added pressure. If you are spraying around the eyes you will want to decrease the pressure to 10. To turn the actual compressor off, turn the dial until the light stops flashing. This range ensures that you get the most out of the Dinair and your own makeup routine. It comes in a range of colors.

The Airbrush

The Dinair airbrush is an adjustable trigger that is pulled back and released to adjust the amount of product you want on your face. You can pull it back more or less depending on how much you want to display. The Dinair airbrush also has a trigger pad to keep your hands from getting sore and make sure that you can hold the makeup gun up for as long as you want too. It’s available in silver, red, black and white.

Remove-able Training bands

These bands are remove-able so you don’t go crazy when you first start and get yourself all doled up without actually doing anything. They are remove-able and they’re for beginners so once you get used to them, just take them off.

Training materials that teach you to become an expert

The training materials are unmatched in any of the other products that are selling on today’s market. It comes packed with instructional videos for beginners and along with the option for live lessons if you don’t understand. Dinair offers one of the most extensive training packages on the market today and offers some of the most precise tutorials available.

Practice colours

Practice colors are available too. You can practice applying makeup before you start mixing and applying different coats and different colors. The practice color is beige and comes with a moisturizer as well. It’s called moist. It’s applied for that dewy look as a finale to create a moist layer on top of the foundation.


The Colors

There are a number of colors and foundations which are water based. These colors range from C103-C125. They are champagne, Peach Beige and blonde. This offers a range that’s mixed well for any skin type. The colors come in handy in a bottle. You will have to shake the bottles to mix the colors so you can get a combination. Once you have it all you have to do is apply them to the airbrush gun and start applying it to your face.

The Cleanser

A 4oz cleanser which is oversized comes in the package too. Generally they won’t give you that much, but Dinair over-delivers and offers a cleanser that is made from Citrus. Citrus cleansers have been well tested and work well every time to get the makeup off.

Practice sheets

There are some practice sheets that are given to make sure that you make progress with the system and don’t give up on it. The training materials combined with the support gives you a complete ‘help’ package you won’t find in any other product.

Protective Cases

Your Dinair kit comes with protective cases that you can store your gun and compressor in. These make sure that once their cleaned, you have a place to put them so they don’t get messed up and destroyed sitting on your desk.

The variety

Dinair airbrush system has over 200 colors to choose from. Each of these colors are added, changed and combined to form some unique colors that you may have never tried before.  This lets you experience different colors for a long extended time.

Acne Proof

Due to its water based, oil free ingredients, the Dinair system doesn’t irritate the skin or acne. If you are acne prone or have acne scars, the oils in this system won’t irritate the skin and you can apply as little or as much as you want. This is a relief to many who have searched for products that don’t irritate the skin.

Overall, the Dinair system has been a leader for airbrush systems since 1981 for a reason. They know what they are doing, their airbrush almost speaks for itself and the continued support for anyone who buys the product is unmatched. This Dinair system comes in a large variety of colors that will appeal to anyone, interested in any style. Click here for a complete review of the product.
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