September 20, 2016

Temptu Airbrush Foundation Review

woman using temptu proTemptu Airbrush Foundation Review.

Women typically wear makeup every day whether there’s a special occasion or it’s just a regular day. Looking good is very important these days. That is why many spend time and money on various kinds of makeup tools and products just to look their best. There are many items women use to make their face look lovely, but one of the must have items in a woman’s makeup kit is foundation. Traditional foundation, however, cannot entirely give you the kind of coverage that you want. If you want flawless coverage, airbrush foundation is your best bet. This is now the trend among celebrities and models because it gives you perfect, lightweight coverage. In looking for an airbrush foundation brand, one of the choices that you might want to try is the Temptu Airbrush Foundation. Let’s talk about this product’s features.

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temptu shade finderFeatures:

Temptu Airbrush Foundation has a variety of features to offer. The product formulation can make your skin look flawless. It seamlessly blends with your skin as if you are not wearing any makeup. Unlike other brands of foundation that might feel heavy on your skin, it feels light and won’t dry your skin out. It makes use of color correcting pigments to cover or hide skin imperfections. Since it has long lasting coverage, you can expect that this makeup will not easily wear off. It can last for a really long time. In fact, the brand claims that it is sweat-resistant. So even if it is really hot and humid, you don’t have to worry about it running off your face. Temptu Airbrush Foundation can be applied not just on the face, but also on the body. The brand makes use of the so-called Silksphere technology, which aims to give maximum coverage without making you feel as if you are wearing thick foundation. The product is oil free and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Whether you have normal or really sensitive skin, you can apply the foundation without it affecting your skin negatively. The product is created to suit all skin types. Here is a quick-reference list of Temptu Airbrush Foundation’s features:

-Lightweight formula


-Won’t dry skin out or feel uncomfortable

-Sweat-resistant and long lasting

-Ultra-matte finish


  • Has a lightweight texture
  • Provides maximum coverage that can effectively cover acne scars, acne and other skin imperfections
  • Does not make your skin look cakey after application with its thin texture
  • Oil free; does not clog pores; good for sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Does not easily rub off even on hot days


  • May take time to perfect the right way of using foundation and also the complete airbrush makeup kit
  • A bit expensive

The 3 Temptu Starter Sets:


Weighing the pros and cons, Temptu Airbrush Foundation has a lot to offer. This is definitely a must have if you are in search of a foundation that does not easily wear off even on hot days. The lasting coverage is also very good. Plus, even those who have sensitive skin can use the foundation without having to think or worry about breakouts.


Temptu Airbrush Foundation is a good choice, but if you are a professional makeup artist, you need to have a variety of shades for your clients. One brand you can try is the Dinair Airbrush Foundation Kit. This product is simply perfect for those who have medium skin tone or those who have olive skin. Dinair is a highly established brand in the industry. For more than 30 years, they have been producing quality products. In terms of product features, Dinair is known for its long lasting foundation coverage. It does not break out the skin and it does not look cakey or heavy. The formulation is also safe for the skin. This kit comes with a compressor, 8 shades of makeup, moisturizer and concealer.

Another quality airbrush brand that you can consider is the Belloccio Airbrush Foundation. With its low priced airbrush foundation, those who are looking for a much more affordable brand can choose this product. It works well for those who have medium complexion and those who have olive skin. This brand has been receiving good reviews for what it can offer its clients. For one, it is easy to apply on the skin. It gives you good coverage and a silky finish. The company also provides free refunds in the event that you are not totally satisfied with the product. In terms of coverage, the brand claims that once the product is applied on the skin, it can last for more than 10 hours.


All three choices are good airbrush brands. Your choice will have to depend on what is most important to you. For instance, if you are a professional makeup artist, then Dinair Airbrush Foundation is probably the best choice. The brand is a highly reputable one and when you purchase their makeup kit, you get all the different shades you need. On the other hand, if you are looking for an airbrush foundation that is not so expensive or if you need it for personal use, you can go for the Belloccio Airbrush Foundation. But comparing among these three, there is no doubt that the best choice is Temptu Airbrush Foundation. It might be a bit expensive compared to the other choices, but if you look at its formulation, lasting coverage and other product features, you can easily say that this is a quality airbrush foundation like no other. You can cover any imperfection and it will last all throughout the day without wearing off.

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