Make Me A Diva Airbrush Review

make me a diva logoMake Me A Diva Airbrush Kit Review.

The Make Me A Diva airbrush kit comes equipped with a professional grade compressor, featuring an adjustable airflow range from 0 to up to 30 PSI. It’s dual action airbrush gun lets you have full control over the amount of makeup being emitted as well as the intensity. What this means is that you can reduce the airflow down by adjusting the nozzle as needed. Although the dual action gun is mostly used by professionals, beginners alike can easily learn its features.  As like the other airbrush brands, you can use the Make Me A Diva airbrush for full body coverage or temporary body art and tattoos. It tends to be aimed at industry professionals and the serious home users.

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What’s in the box:

The Make Me A Diva airbrush kit comes with a complete set with everything you need including a professional grade compressor (25PSI), dual-action gun, hose, adapter and 13 bottles of water based mineral foundation, blush and thinner.

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Make Me a Diva Airbrush Makeup Machine


Make Me a Diva Airbrush Gun
make me a diva airbrush makeup gunairbrush makeup gun

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With most airbrush makeup kits, you get to pick the color of foundation according to the tone of your skin. But MakeMeADiva’s airbrush kit comes with all the foundation colors therefore it’s perfect for everyone.

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Using the airbrush makeup kit:

make me a diva company profileAs most of you probably already know, Make Me A Diva is a fantastic brand. The makeup can be blended and mixed so you can get experimental and being water based, it is paraben free and great for sensitive skin. Its mineral blushes are Posh Pink, Coral Dream, and our favorite the Reef Red. With all these perks you’re getting, there’s nothing not to love in their airbrush makeup kit.

Though Make Me A Diva is slightly on the higher end of the cost scale, comparing to other brands like Tickled Pink and Belloccio, the kit has some amazing add on features which make it definitely well worth to look at. If you are a serious home user or a professional makeup artist, we would highly recommend owning a Make Me A Diva airbrush kit! It’s really a kit that will get your creative juices flowing and it’s the perfect tool for costume makeup as well as the most stunning glamour looks. Though it is more expensive to begin with, its durable quality is made to last so you may actually save in the long run.

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