Luminess Air Heiress Airbrush Makeup Review

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luminess air heiress airbrush makeup review

Hoping to achieve that picture-perfect and flawless look with your makeup, but not too confident about applying it? Tired of always having to go to the salon just to have your makeup done by a pro? If you want a do-it-yourself way to put on makeup that is east and hassle-free to do, then airbrushing is for you.

With this cutting-edge innovation in the cosmetics industry, you can quickly apply makeup and achieve professional results any time!

If it is your first time to shop for an airbrush makeup, or you’re hoping to find a better replacement to your current brand, then you should definitely check out this Luminess Air Heiress airbrush makeup review.

Here, you can find out more about this brand and decide whether this brand is just the right option for you.

Overview of the Luminess Airbrush Makeup

Everyone wants to have smooth, vibrant-looking and camera-ready face all the time.

To achieve this, it helps to know the right techniques in applying makeup that can provide superb coverage for even the worst flaw you have on your skin.

Although traditional makeup can make this happen, the overall appearance looks somewhat unnatural.

Moreover, all that heavy makeup can make you feel uncomfortable – and this shows in your facial expression whenever you face the camera.

So, why bother with your regular makeup when you can go for a lightweight and natural-looking makeup that’s also a breeze to use?

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WARNING: Do NOT buy directly from Luminess Air Company. I’ve seen many Luminess complaints because of their recurring payment. Here’s one of them, see image below.

Luminess Air Complaints

Luminess Air Heiress airbrush makeup system gives you the luxury of achieving professional quality makeup in minutes. In a snap, you can step out of your home looking like a movie star, thanks to this brand’s exceptional line of airbrush makeup that suits your standards perfectly.

The brand incorporates a system that lets you obtain a smooth and flawless finish to your skin, which can last for more than 18 hours. Whether you prefer sheer or heavy coverage, you can get that kind of look you want with the brand’s makeup formula and simple application.

Only a few swipes, and you can get that ultra-chic look that you have always wanted – and you don’t even have to pay a professional to do this for you!

Luminess also makes sure that the learning curve is quick and simple. Simple add a few (or a little more) drops of the makeup, spray it lightly on your face, and everything is done in a flash.

Think of it as spraying a very fine mist on your skin, which is all you need to cover up any blemishes or imperfections. The airbrush makeup is also water-based and hypoallergenic, so you shouldn’t worry about breakouts after using this product.

Luminess Makeup Kit – What to Expect

You can choose from a wide range of airbrush makeup kits by Luminess, and this gives you plenty of options when you need quality makeup that suits your budget. Among the different kits available are the Kelly System, Platinum, Luminess Air and Luminess Professional.

Luminess Air Heiress SystemThese kits are complete with every single thing you need to get started such as the makeup, compressor and nozzle.

For the Air Heiress airbrush makeup system, you can expect to receive the basics such as the foundations, bronzer, blush, moisturizer, and primer.

It also has the stylus holder and airbrush stylus, with the holder being integrated into the compressor for a hassle-free time in airbrushing.

The Compressor

One of the best things about the Air Heiress compressor by Luminess is its compact, sleek and sophisticated appearance.

It also fits perfectly in your small vanity cabinet, which makes it easy to store this tool.

It would have been better, though, if the compressor comes with a storage bag or purse since its small size makes it perfect for travel.

To turn the compressor on, simply press the power button, which will immediately cause the tool to emit a faint noise (not like one of those distracting loud noises you hear from other brands).

The airflow is relatively strong, and you can expect a considerable amount of makeup sprayed on your face.

The Airbrush Makeup

If you have always been concerned about your sensitive skin, you’ll be glad that it’s bound to be the least of your problems when you use this makeup system. Since it offers touch-less makeup application, there’s no need to use cosmetic brushes that only accumulate bacteria and cause blemishes.

Luminess Air features different shades for the foundation including warm, deep and tan, fair and medium. These four color ranges should be enough to help you find the perfect shade that complements your skin tone. If you need some help in choosing the best color range, you can check out the brand’s ColorMatch service.

You can just submit your photo (make sure the lighting is good to reveal your natural skin tone) and a professional can select the right range that suits you. The brand also comes with different choices for the finish such as silk, ultra, satin and matte.

Complete Set of Tools

Upon receiving your Heiress airbrush makeup system, you can already start applying makeup since everything is inside the package. You can expect to receive the compressor, power adapter, stylus, and the makeup – foundation shades, bronzer, blush and primer.

These are all you need to begin airbrushing, and you just have to keep on practicing (not that difficult, by the way) to achieve perfect quality for your makeup.

Pros and Cons of the Luminess Airbrush Makeup System

The brand lives up to its promise of providing easy-to-use and professional quality makeup and tools in its airbrush makeup system. You can choose from a wide range of makeup colors available, so it’s stress-free to find the right color range for you. Whether you prefer a classic look or something out-of-the-ordinary, Luminess helps you achieve that look you’re aiming for.

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Perhaps the only concern that a few people have about this product is its customer support that needs some improvement. There are product users who complain about long hold times, which can get frustrating for those who require a quick response for their inquiries and concerns.

The Verdict

Overall, Luminess Air Heiress airbrush makeup system is a good deal. With its chic and complete range of makeup, you can instantly create your desired look and feel like a celebrity.

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