February 13, 2016

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS .35mm Airbrush Ninja Jet Compressor

Review on Iwata Medea HP-CS .35mm Eclipse Airbrush W/ IS35 Ninja Jet Compressor.

Iwata Ninja Jet Airbrush Makeup System CompressorNot very confident about your skills in applying makeup?

Hoping to give yourself that flawless look with makeup, but not quite sure how to do it?

If you barely consider yourself a pro when it comes to applying makeup, then don’t fret – there’s an easy way for you to start using cosmetics like a pro!

The art of airbrushing makes it a breeze for beginners to put on makeup without a hassle, and you can even expect perfect results all the time.

The Iwata Airbrush Makeup System

Everybody wants to have that flawless and model-like appearance, and that’s ultimately possible with the right color combination and a brilliant system of applying makeup. Airbrushing has made it easy for anyone to achieve that gorgeous face as if they have just stepped out of the salon.

Finally, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars just to get your makeup done by a professional. Even at the comfort of your own home, you can have a camera-ready face and stay looking fresh for hours.

Airbrush makeup makes this possible, and even beginners like you can choose the perfect color of makeup that complements your skin tone, hide imperfections and highlight your great features.

The Iwata airbrush system competes quite well with some of the top brands in the market when it comes to airbrushing.

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Without having to pay more, you can get a level of quality from Iwata makeup kit, compressor and airbrush gun (Eclipse) that is beyond your expectations.

This is the main reason why more and more people prefer to buy this brand. After all, why blow up your budget when you can get a reasonably priced product with good quality you want.

Iwata Airbrush Ninja Jet Compressor – Quality You Can Trust

Iwata Airbrush System Ninja Compressor - Quality You Can TrustThe makers behind Iwata has originally designed this brand for professional makeup artists, thus featuring an array of colors and high quality compressors and airbrush guns suitable for a pro.

However, what surprises product users is the fact that Iwata is also ideal for use among beginners who might have little to zero background on airbush makeup.

This brand has made it easy for people to get started and begin applying makeup in a snap. The different buttons and controls in the airbrush gun are positioned strategically, and this allows you to operate the unit without any hassles.

In addition, the unit is generally durable and sturdy, which means you can expect it to last for several years. Now, that’s great value for your money!

Iwata has been partners with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and MAC for quite some time now. These are other two well-known brands of airbrush makeup system in the market today.

So, you can be sure that when it comes to level of performance and overall quality, Iwata is climbing up the charts. Over the last few years, you have probably heard of great advances in terms of applying makeup.

Airbrushing has made it much easier for anyone to apply makeup, and this is why many people are becoming more and more interested in this innovation in cosmetic application.

What’s more, several brands have stepped up their game and provided quality results to users including Dinair, MAC Air, Temptu, and Iwata.

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In fact, Iwata remains as one of the finest in terms of exceptional airbrush makeup systems in the market today.

It is built to withstand the test of time, and you will like how you can achieve great quality makeup just like a pro – even at the comfort of your own home.

With Iwata, you can expect a wide variety of PSI levels and strengths, as well as a considerable number of functions and ways of using the unit.

This means, you can have large coverage or fine detail without experiencing any problems in terms of transitioning. By the way, I’ve found 7 airbrush makeup tips that will help from AllWomensTalk, you can read it here.

With simple to use equipment and a different PSI strengths, using Iwata airbrush system is indeed satisfactory and enjoyable for anyone.

Iwata HP-CS .35mm Eclipse Airbrush IS35 Ninja Jet Compressor

Iwata Ninja Jet CompressorIf you are looking to buy Iwata airbrush system, then you are making the right choice as this brand is second to none. The compressors are built to last for a long time, and there are models with powerful PSI level, which goes up to 100 PSI.

However, if you are looking for finer details, then you should opt for a smaller unit with lower PSI at about 5 to 18.

This is what the Ninja Jet offers, so you will have no problem when you are a beginner still exploring the art of airbrushing.

What people like most about the Iwata-Medea HP-CS airbrush with ninja jet compressor is its ease of use. It is in fact one of the favorite compressors of most users because of its small and quiet motor.

The PSI range is between 1 and 35, and that is enough to help you achieve flawless makeup application just like a pro.

This product is perfect for use in the salon, studio or home. It has a good level of PSI range, there are pressure regulators, dual ports, and durable unit.

While the price tag may be a bit higher, you will like how it works as expected. So, you can get the best value for your money and be sure that this product will last for as long as you want it to.

Pros and Cons of the Iwata Medea HP-CS

Pros and Cons Iwata Ninja Jet CompressorComing out of the Eclipse Series, it is made to perform a number of operations.

For instance, it is perfect for spraying heavier paints, and you can also create a fine line without any flaws.

The nozzles are made of industry-standard steel material, which ensures the right alignment at all times. Assembly is also a breeze, and the paint flow is impressive.

People like the fact that the Iwata Ninja is sleek, and it can fit in small makeup bags.

You can use it on silicone-based makeup, although this may require you to st the PSI level a bit higher. The airbrush gun can be used to highlight your eyes, and it works as expected.

Perhaps the only slight limitation of this product is that you will have to clean the airbrush gun at least once in a week to ensure its good operation. The price is also a bit steep, but for its excellent functions, every cent you pay is worth it.


With all these features and benefits, you can say that this product is a keeper.

It is hassle-free to use, reasonably-priced and gives you that flawless look just like any pro can do.

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