November 28, 2016

Graftobian Walk-Around Airbrush Makeup System Review

Graftobian Airbrush Makeup System and Glamaire Airbrush Makeup Review.

Graftobian Airbrush Makeup Review

Airbrush makeup kits are becoming more and more popular nowadays because these give people an easier time putting on makeup whether for casual or special events.

It is only a matter of choosing the right brand and selection of makeup included in each kit, so beginners and professionals alike can achieve the look they wish to have.

In this review, you will learn more about the Graftobian walk around airbrush makeup system and Glamaire airbrush beauty makeup.

Find out what’s special about these products, as well as some details that will help you decide if these items are just the right one you need.airbrush makeup buy now button

Graftobian Walk-Around Airbrush Makeup System Video Demo

About Graftobian

Graftobian Makeup Company LOGO

Graftobian is a major company in the United States that is known for its wide selection of professional beauty, FX and theatrical makeup that are made available to the public.

It has been working closely with Brad Look, a professional makeup artist in Hollywood, who helped create a range of colors and shades for airbrush makeup.

The main purpose is to produce top quality makeup that offers comfort, rich colors and excellent coverage. Moreover, these products are free from alcohol and other harmful chemicals, which eliminate any issues such as allergies and irritation.

Several artists who have used airbrush makeup by Graftobian include Courtney Cox, Scott Bakula, Tim Allen and Denise Austin. These personalities take pride in using this brand of makeup because it offers exactly what it aims to provide – superb look, feel, durability and coverage that last for hours.

Indeed, these features face all the challenges and intricacies of modern broadcasting and filming techniques.

So, whether you are in search of the finest airbrush makeup for casual wear, or if you are posing for a print media company, then the only name to trust is Graftobian.

With this brand, you can be sure that it can outperform any other products in the market – and it is even more cost-effective than the rest you have tried in the past.

The company has been in the business of 1978, and it is based in Madison and Brooklyn. The primary goal of the company is to sell quality makeup at a reasonable price.

It is also the leading manufacturer and distributor of various types of makeup including those used for film, TV, state and special effects.

There is also the HD makeup for print media, fashion and film, as well as face painting and theatrical makeup.

As for the ingredients used, the company makes sure that all components used are safe and compliant to the US FDA regulations for product ingredients.

Thus, all ingredients are FDA-approved, and Graftobian assures the public that its product line is free from lead, formaldehyde and fragrance. Their cosmetics are also not tested on animals.

Graftobian Walk-Around Airbrush Makeup Review

Graftobian Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

The Walkaround airbrush makeup kit by Graftobian is one of the top-selling products by this brand. The overall design is quite compact, and it provides superior power with a maximum output of 26 PSI.

If you think that this is too powerful, you may simply adjust it using a tiny knob.

For those who are not quite used to adjusting the pressure from the valve, this may take some practice. Nevertheless, the proximity to your hands make it easy for you to adjust the power whenever necessary.

The unit comes with a removable battery that functions efficiently, and you can expect the system to work just as you want it to. The airbrush is indeed reliable and effective enough for use whether you are a beginner in airbrush makeup or a professional.

With an easy-to-use airgun and its strong pressure output, you will be satisfied in using this unit for applying flawless makeup any time.

In addition, the unit is compatible with any type of airbrush makeup in the market. You can even use it on makeup colors that are silicone-based.

The kit also comes with four types of plug adaptors. Hence, you will have no problem using this product in any part of the world.

As for the color range, there are different kinds available, and these are categorized as cool, warm and neutral tones. There are also adjuster colors and blushes included.

Creme foundations are also found in each kit, and you can be sure to find a tone that matches you perfectly.

With all these in mind, applying the right shade that suits you best is effortless – and you can achieve quality results you have in mind.

Graftobian Glamaire Airbrush Makeup Review

Graftobian Glamaire Airbrush Makeup

This makeup range is water-based, and the formula has that smooth and refined quality because it is finely pigmented.

You will love the fact that the texture is so light, and it is capable of building up into sheer layers for attaining your desired look and superb coverage for a sheer and natural effect.

Furthermore, it comes with a matte finish without appearing unnatural. Thus, the effect does not look dry or dull, unlike what most water-based formula does to your skin.

However, it is best that you apply a moisturizer before putting on makeup, particularly when your skin is very dry.

Foundation shades are available in 1-ounce bottles, yet you can choose the right shade you want by opting for the 0.25-ounce samples.

Applying makeup is a breeze, and you can select from different shades that range from neutral to fair.

On a side note, though, you will notice that the product package requires some shaking before you apply makeup, specifically when the bottle has been sitting idle for a longer period.

You may also consider storing the bottles differently by laying them flat to ensure a more efficient mixing once you need to use the makeup.


Overall, these products are exactly what you want from an airbrush makeup system – easy to use, cost-effective and just the right one you need to help you achieve a chic and sophisticated look.

With numerous colors and tones to choose from, you will have no problem finding the right shade that suits your skin tone. Hence, this gives you a more pleasant experience applying makeup for any occasion or event you have in mind.

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