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Affiliate Disclaimer

TheBestAirbrushMakeup.comĀ is a commercial site both offering goods directly for sale and pointing you to goods offered by others for sale. Both types of sales are integral to the survival of this website (ie: keeping me fed).

I do my best to make all types of links as transparent as possible.

Regarding affiliate links these are links I embed throughout the site which will send you to other merchants. By then purchasing something through these other merchants I earn a small commission on the sale. This costs you no extra, the other site is simply rewarding me for sending you through to them.

(The links that follow in explaining affiliate links are actually affiliate links themselves.)

Most of the affiliate links on will point you either to collectibles on eBay or books and movies on Amazon .

I try to keep this type of advertising as relevant as possible. Many of the eBay affiliate ads will even lead to my own goods . If this is the case I typically identify it as such. If I do not refer to either “my sales ” or “my auctions ” when pointing to eBay, then assume you are visiting an item being sold by another merchant.

Other items I advertise on the site are items I use myself which I think may be of benefit to you. Examples in this category of ad include Warner Archive for DVDs or Namecheap for website domains. I promote these items because I use them and I like them.

I also use and like eBay and Amazon, but please use care when purchasing from other vendors as unless I am pointing to my own goods I cannot vouch directly for the seller you are purchasing from on those sites. In these cases we are both relying on eBay and/or Amazon to vet the seller and secure you a good experience.

Other advertising on the site includes Google advertisements. These are as targeted as Google makes them and I personally have no idea of what they are serving up though I do my absolute best to make sure offensive ads are banned from the site.

Thank you very much for shopping through my affiliate links, I hope they lead to happy shopping experience and newly found treasures.

And if you ever want to more directly support the site please do shop my own goods on eBay and/or Amazon. Thank you.


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