Dinair Airbrush Makeup Review

What to Expect from Dinair Airbrush Makeup.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup ReviewEager to buy your very own airbrush makeup kit? If you’ve been hearing nothing but praises about this breakthrough technology in cosmetics, then you’re probably ready to scout the market for a top quality makeup kit that suits your needs.

To help you decide on which brand to buy, this Dinair airbrush makeup review may be a great help for you.

In fact, you might have considered buying this airbrush makeup brand since it’s one of the most popular options right now.

Well, make sure you’re at the right track and check out the features, pros and cons, and just about everything you should know about this product.

You’d thank yourself later on for taking the time to read this review before making a purchase. So, get to know more about this brand as you read along, and decide whether it is a solid investment or not.

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Overview of the Product

Dinair is among the few reasonably-priced airbrush makeup brands in the market today. The Pro-Edition model, for instance, is cheap enough for such a good quality airbrush makeup kit.

In fact, it comes with every single item you need to start airbrushing such as the instructional DVD and practice sheets, which are great for beginners. With amazing things inside the package, you’re probably wondering if there is anything at all that you won’t like about this product. Well, there are a few limitations, but that’s for you to know as you continue reading.

What’s In The Box

The moment you open the package, you’ll find some documents and papers including the warranty registration, how-to manuals and a few practice sheets to warm up your airbrushing skills.

What’s more, it even comes with a DVD that features easy to advanced techniques on how to apply makeup like a pro. The basics are also in the kit – the airbrush gun, compressor, and 8 makeup colors. With all the tools in the package, you’re probably itching to get started and try on these colors on your face.

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The Compressor and Airbrush Gun

If you’re crazy about chic and classy things, then the compressor will blow you away. It comes with a shiny silver color, which is perfect for those who are not into bright and colorful items. However, there are other options available for the color of the compressor such as red, black and white.

dinair airbrush gunUsing the compressor is a breeze since it features a multi-pressure system that lets you quickly turn the dial when choosing your preferred pressure.

This is an important aspect of the compressor since it’s useful when making a shift from applying the foundation to eye makeup or blush. You can even find the right setting when cleaning the compressor.

As for the Dinair airbrush gun, you’ll love how this nifty piece of gadget feels in your hand. It’s made of the finest quality, so you can vouch on its sturdiness and durability that pretty much gives you an idea it can last for several years.

Another interesting feature of the airbrush gun is that it comes with black bands, which can be placed close to the trigger. What’s this for, you may ask? These tiny bands are what you need to avoid pulling back very far when applying foundations or makeup.

The airbrush gun even comes with a nice protective sleeve that’s perfect when you’re travelling. While it may not be as sturdy as what Temptu offers, this sleeve will suffice when you’re very careful about holding and storing your airbrush gun.

At first glance, the hose may be a slight disappointment, as compared to what higher end brands offer. Dinair’s hose is merely a rubber-made tubing, which slips right through each end. It does get the job done, and that should suffice when you prefer cheaper brands of airbrush makeup kits.

Airbrush Makeup

This product is in the medium range, so it should be perfect for those who have olive skin tone. Dinair offers other ranges such as the fair, tan and dark, so there are plenty of options for everyone regardless of their skin color.

dinair airbrush makeup color foundationMoreover, the ranges vary in terms of undertones and color, so matching your skin tone should never be a problem.

It is only a matter of mixing and combining each shade, so you can come up with the perfect shade that complements and enhances your skin.

Aside from the foundation, there are your usual color makeups such as the bronzer, blushes and highlighters. It’s a joy to apply these since right after you’ve finished spraying on the foundation, you can start putting on the blush and bronzer to give you that chic and glam look you’re aiming for.

In addition, the makeup comes with water-based quality, which means it doesn’t leave that thick and uncomfortable feeling on your skin. Although applying the makeup takes more minutes than you normally spend when putting on traditional makeup, the effect looks completely stunning.

The smooth finish may even make people wonder if you have gone to a salon for your makeup. In fact, that’s the beauty of airbrushing, which turns newbies into pros because of the amazing quality of the makeup on your face.

On a side note, you’ll also love the fact that the ingredients used for the makeup are gentle and non-irritating, which means they are great even when you have sensitive skin.

Dinair offers a complete range of airbrush makeup that is paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. The makeup is also perfect for casual events, formal occasions, or just when you want to look all glammed up and sophisticated!

The Verdict

Overall, Dinair Airbrush Makeup is a solid choice for those who prefer to buy reasonably-priced kits for personal or even professional use. These airbrush makeup kits by Dinair are customizable, so you can choose your preferred color for the compressor that suits your style.

The ingredients used for the makeup are also non-irritating on your skin, so that takes out your worries about acne and breakouts when applying makeup. This product is indeed a steal because it’s complete with all essential components you need for airbrushing.

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