Best Airbrush Cleaner Reviews

Protect Your Investment With A Good Airbrush Cleaner.

After buying your Airbrush kit, it is now important to take your time in picking the best airbrush cleaner. First we’ll take a look at the Cleaning Pots. It serves both as a cleaner and a holder. It is heavy and does not easily get toppled over by the weight of the airbrush.

1. The Iwata-Medea Cleaning Pot

5 makeup drawers customer ratings

iwatamedea1With NO OVERSPRAY while cleaning your airbrush, the Table-Top Cleaning Station with an easy-to-clean container proves to be an easy and portable solution for your painting needs. Comes with an easy-to-change filter.

Based on almost 200 customer reviews, The Iwata-Medea Cleaning Pot is one of the most popular choices.

2. Master Airbrush® Brand Airbrush 3 in 1 Cleaning Pot-air Brush Holder

6 makeup drawers customer ratings


Based on over 50 reviews, this cleaning pot has received 4 stars. Therefore this is our second pick.It’s three-in-one clean pot is convenient and portable and is meant to be used for airbrush cleaning, also as an airbrush holder, and the cap can be used as a palette and water cap. Includes 4 easy-to-change replacement filters and a Paint Syringe.

Other than the Cleaning Pot, there are also plenty of liquid solvents. In general, they all contain the same chemicals that are able to work on tough stains and here’s a list on what to look for in an airbrush cleaner:

1. Bottles that have pointed tips for easy applying to directed areas.

2. Contains an ultra strength solvent that works on acrylics, water-based products, gouache, inks or dyes

3. Environmentally safe

4. A good size – 8 o.z to 32 o.z.

WARNING: Do NOT use alcohol because it will ruin the airbrush! It corodes the nickel coating and damages the rubber gaskets!

The Createx Brand is our first pick. They are ready-to-use Professional Grade Airbrush Colors of the Highest Quality.Createx uses only the finest pigments and the colors have a brightness and richness unmatched by others. Usable on fabrics, leather, canvas, paper, wood, ceramics, and clay surfaces with permanent results. Createx has additives and mediums allowing artists to “customize” the colors for specific applications Click here to learn more.

The Medea Airbrush Cleaner is a mild, general-purpose cleaner great for use with any airbrush or tools used with acrylics, watercolors, gouache, inks, or dyes. Environmentally safe and ready to use out of the bottle. Based on 107 customer reviews, it has received a 4.5 star rating.

Watch this short video below for a quick demonstration on how to clean your airbrush.

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