Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer Reviews

best acrylic makeup organizer reviewsAre you in need of a chic and attractive makeup organizer that is functional, at the same time? If so, then you should go for acrylic makeup organizers instead of bulky colored ones.

The best thing about this type of organizer is that it is clear and durable, so it’s easy to spot an item you’re looking for. These excellent makeup organizers are also sturdy, and they can last for a long time.

Another great feature of clear acrylic makeup organizers is that they range in different sizes and storage capacity. If you prefer something smaller and just right for your sleek vanity cabinet, then you can go for a three-drawer organizer.

However, if you want something more spacious and much larger, it’s best to buy a six- or seven-drawer makeup organizer that can hold several items perfectly.

Just be sure to check the dimensions of each drawer, particularly when you are looking to put larger and bulkier objects. This way, you will have no problem arranging your cosmetic and hygiene products in your very own chic acrylic makeup organizer.

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Top Rated Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizers Review

To help you choose the right product that meets your needs, take a look at these great options for makeup organizers made of clear acrylic material.

3-Drawer Makeup Organizer plus one w/Lid Display


Makeup Organizer 3 Drawers plus one Lid Display3 makeup drawers customer ratingsThis U.S-made product is an excellent addition to your closet, vanity cabinet or bedside table. It is made of heavy duty acrylic, which can last for a considerable length of time. This organizer comes with removable dividers, so you can customize it according to your preference and needs.

The bottom drawer has the biggest size, which measures 3 3/4 inches in height. This space is ideal for organizing your nail polish collection and other large hygiene or beauty products. As for the other two drawers, they measure 2 1/2 inches in height, and 11 x 11 inches in length and width.

This makeup organizer is made of clear acrylic with lucite top and base. It even features a lovely acrylic handle for your convenience in pulling out each drawer.

4-Drawer Makeup Organizer + Flip Top

acrylic makeup organizer 4 drawers

4 makeup drawers customer ratingsIf you need a top-quality and spacious makeup organizer for your beauty items, then this product is the finest option for you. It is manufactured in the U.S, and is made of high-end acrylic materials. All four drawers have the same dimensions, and they all measure 2 3/4 inches in height with a depth of 14 inches.

The entire makeup organizer has an overall height of 15 1/2 inches and a width of 12 inches. This product can be placed on your bathroom countertop or your vanity desk, so you can easily organizer every item all in one place.

Another great feature of this product is its removable divider in the top tray, which serves as an additional space for your vanity and hygiene items. With this organizer, you will no longer have to keep your cosmetic products lying around and scattered inside your bedside table drawer or elsewhere.

5-Drawer Makeup Organizer + 1 Lid

acrylic makeup organizer 5 drawers 323x4555 makeup drawers customer ratingsWhy keep all your beauty items in your purse when you can organizer them neatly in a sophisticated acrylic makeup organizer? Finding the right item you need such as a lipstick or a specific nail polish color is a breeze when these things are displayed and placed neatly in a clear organizer. You can even use the entire makeup organizer as a chic decorative item in your bathroom counter-top.

This five-drawer makeup organizer is made of the finest quality British Lucite acrylic, so you can expect it to last for a long time. The case serves as the best organizer where you can store not only your makeup, but also your jewelry pieces. This way, you can quickly find the item you need and have enough countertop space in your bathroom or bedroom, thanks to this space-saving and stylish makeup organizer.

As for the dimensions of this makeup organizer, it measures 15.5 inches in height, and 12 inches in width and in length. The drawers are 2.5 inches hight, and they come with two X- and H-shape dividers for easy customization.

6-Drawer Jewelry and Makeup Organizer (Removable Liners)

Deluxe 6 drawers makeup organizer

6 makeup drawers customer ratingsDo you need more storage space for your jewelry, makeup and other small items? If so, then this six-drawer chest is just the right product you should buy. It is made of 100 percent acrylic, which is durable, sturdy and stylish at the same time. This organizer will look gorgeous on your bathroom countertop or even in your bedroom, whichever you prefer.

Each drawer slides out smoothly, and there are foam liners (removable) that prevent the items inside from moving around. With ample space, you can organize your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry while keeping them free form dust.

Aside from jewelry this drawer chest is perfect for keeping and organizing your sewing materials, arts and crafts materials, and just abour any other item that you have in mind. In addition, you can give this item as a gift for your loved ones. They will surely appreciate this adorable gift item that they can use to store a variety of things conveniently.

7-Drawer Jewelry and Makeup Organizer (Removable Liners)

Deluxe 7-drawer Acrylic Jewelry Chest or Cosmetic Organizer (removable)7 makeup drawers customer ratingsWhen you need more space for your hobby materials or beauty products, this seven-drawer makeup organizer is the perfect choice for you. With this spacious, yet sleek organizer, you can use it as a decorative item in the bathroom and a functional storage area for any small tings you have that are lying around on your desk and drawer.

The drawers measure 11 inches long and 4 3/4 inches wide, and they are 1 3/8 inches high. Since this product is made of clear acrylic, it is hassle-free to find any items you have at home. The neutral and classic color will also blend in quite easily in your home regardless of your motif or theme.

Bottom Line

If you want to keep all your items organized and neat, specifically smaller items, then it helps to have a classy and durable acrylic makeup organizer. With this product, you can have more space on your desk or bathroom counter-top since every item is organized inside it.

Since the drawers are clear, spotting the item you have in mind is quite easy and stress free. With that in mind, buying this product proves to be a solid choice for staying organized and caring for your smaller items at home.


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