Belloccio Medium Complexion Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

In this Belloccio Airbrush makeup kit review, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the medium complexion Belloccio cosmetic makeup system plus their “How to video” after few paragraph of the article (or scroll down to see it in action right away).

Pros of the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup

Belloccio Medium Complexion Airbrush Makeup Review Complete Kit
The airbrush equipment delivers a smooth, appropriate amount of makeup as long as you don’t over-spray a particular area. You’ll get a more natural look than if you tried to rub in liquid foundation.

Belloccio allows you to return the makeup for a full refund if you don’t like it. There is a one year warranty on the air brush and other equipment.

It comes with four separate colors to ensure that the makeup matches your skin tone.

Use the lily blush for a basic color and add radiant blush via the “sultry cinnamon” or create a classic light but natural skin tone with the “champagne shimmer highlighter”.

Neither the bronzer nor the darker tones generate an orange tint.

You need only one or two drops of blush for the desired effect. This is useful because of the sheer price of additional makeup bottles.

The spray on makeup lasts ten hours or more.

There is even a bronzer to let you darken your makeup mixture along with your tan.

The makeup kit comes with a free moisturizing primer, though the anti-aging is non sequitur. The primer can be used before or after the makeup application.

The Belloccio aibrush makeup kit has a user guide, should it be necessary. However, it is rather straightforward to use.

Additional items like a cleaner for the air brush are affordable. For example, the cleaner for the air brush is only six to seven dollars on sale, thirteen to fourteen dollars if you pay full price.

Before you continue further, take a look on “How to Airbrush” tutorial by Mia From Belloccio Makeup


Like the video? Check out some tips on how to airbrush makeup here.

The cleaning set for the air brushes is seven dollars plus tax. However, the air brush kit does provide on free bottle of airbrush cleaner.

You can clean up the air brush makeup kit with the bottle of cleaner they provide you, clean the tip and then switch colors. The process is very simple. In fact, from set up to clean up is ten minutes or less, depending on how much you decide to apply. The foundation colors won’t irritate your skin or cause you to break out.

Belloccio Medium Complexion Spray GunThe Opulence Tanning Solution provided with the makeup kit is separate from the bronzer.

While the bronzer makes you look like you’ve been sun-kissed, the tanner actually darkens the skin over the course of two to four hours and unlike the natural alternative, you won’t get sunburned or get any new freckles.

The wand has a controller to let you adjust the spray volume. You can select a heavy spray or a light one. One caveat is that the lever used to control the flow may become loose; once this happens, it won’t work properly again.

Bellocio customer service, if you can get a hold of them, will readily replace a bad airbrush tool if that’s the source of the problem.

If the medium complexion colors are too dark or too high on contrast, you can keep the air brush equipment and switch to the foundation from the “fair” kit.

Cons of the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup

Belloccio airbrush colors foundationThe basic foundation options are beige, ivory, golden tan and cappuccino. One of the downsides of this makeup kit is that each color comes in a quarter ounce bottle. So does the bronzer and moisturizing primer.

You have to use the primer plus the foundation colors to get the desired effect.

This makeup kit shares one trait with ink jet printers – the profit center is the makeup/ink, not the applicator/printer. Refills of foundation, moisturizer and bronzer are twenty to thirty dollars a bottle, plus standard shipping.

It costs even more if you’ve run out of the foundation and request overnight shipping.

You should hold the air brush at least eight inches from your face before you spray it. Too close and the makeup is too thick, and the makeup can actually come out runny.

The needle holder can come off easily, and it is the perfect size to fall down your drain. If the needle actually comes off, it probably won’t stay in the unit properly after it is replaced. At that point, you need to get a replacement unit.

It is hard to get a hold of Belloccio customer support to ask questions such as how to unclog the makeup sprayer.

If you need to return the unit, it is hard to get a hold of them to actually have the warranty honored. This has to be through Belloccio, not the seller.

Observations about the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit

This makeup kit has a list price of around three hundred dollars. However, you can often find it for half that much.
Close your eyes before you spray the air brush around the eyes. Not much will get in the eyes, but if your eyes are open, the air brush won’t put an even color on the eye lids to match under your eyes.

There are reports that some makeup kits are plugged up from the get go or after the first few uses. If the unit is clogged after only a few uses, or if the compressor won’t run when you get it, return it immediately for a full refund.

Don’t buy a used version of the Belloccio airbrush makeup kit. While you might save money, you won’t get the original warranty. And, possibly, used equipment will be unsafe to use because it has been used by someone else.

The makeup kit uses almost any air brush makeup. You could try to offset the high cost of Bellocio’s spray on foundation with that by another brand. However, that make up may not generate the same light spray of Belloccio’s makeup and could clog up the unit.

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System

An airbrush makeup kit will give you a similar look to that created by makeup artists working on supermodels. However, it takes a steady hand and consistent and clear stream of makeup to create this look. If you don’t have a smooth stroke, hold the spray too close to your face, hold it too long in one place or make multiple passes, the application won’t look good no matter what foundation or highlights you use.

You must clean the Belloccio air brush makeup kit between uses, after every use, to get an even spray on the next use. Anything less than a thorough cleaning can lead to clogging or an uneven spray during the next application.

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